Placed on April 8,       2022 by A


 Just wanted to send a note   and tell you thank you for   all your help and patience   through the process of   building my pistol. 

I had some very specific things I asked for in this custom president and you guys made it happen. I started my career with a 1911 and I will end my career carrying this one every day until I retire. 

My first impression of the pistol was the stunning look and beautiful craftsmanship, every detail of the pistol was perfect. Next was the fit, barrel fit and timing is perfect, lockup was positive and overall the mechanical function was perfect. The trigger is splendid, very crisp, clean and has a positive reset.

Shooting the pistol is an absolute joy, and functions perfectly. As a master level USPSA shooter, 27 year police veteran, firearms instructor and 1911 armorer…. WELL DONE! I will proudly carry this pistol until my career is done. 

Thank you again!

Placed on April 12, 2022 by Wayne

Received my new duty weapon a couple of weeks ago and just completed my state firearms qualification for duty carry. I have carried a 1911 for most of my 32 year law enforcement career both on and off duty. Over my lifetime I have put over 100,000 rounds down range in competition and training seminars throughout the United States. The 1911 platform is the weapon I choose for the protection of my family and others. With that being said my new Thunder Ranch Combat Special is without question the best 1911 I own. The workmanship of this firearm is impeccable, something to be said for “Custom Gun Unique Gunsmith ”. Gunsmith Gage Gustafson you did a superb job!!!

Special thanks to Noel Clark for putting this all together. Patiently waiting on my next!! Sheriff Wayne

First and for foremost I would like to thank you again for making the process of ordering seamless and easy for my wife. I really do appreciate the patience and understanding especially for someone like my wife who doesn’t understand firearms the most. 

With that being said, I have been firing and carrying my Firehawk with me for over a month now and I can easily say that this is the finest craftsmanship that I have ever experienced in a custom firearm. The fit and finish are absolutely astounding and it shoots like a dream. My only regret is that I hadn’t bought one sooner. Please extend my gratitude to Kyle Allen (the Pistol Smith who built mine). Customhawk truly does build the finest 1911’s in the world. I’m excited and can hardly wait to order another build. Thank you again.

Customer For Life


Placed on February 12, 2022 by Pat E.

I just completed my third purchase of a handgun from  CustomHawk. These are the finest firearms I have ever shot. The slides are like glass, the trigger system right out of the box is like nothing I have ever felt. I am required to shoot a qualification yearly. I just used my new Chairman in 9mm and my T4 custom. I shot a 99 and 98, the best I have ever shot. The customer service is the best of any company out there. It is personal and I feel like a family member not just a customer. My account manager Scott has become a friend who understands what Im looking for and responds to every question immediately. These firearms are not just run off the mill mass-produced, but an investment that my Son and Grandson will appreciate someday. I truly believe that old adage, “You get what you pay for” and with  CustomHawk that is absolutely the case. I proudly add my name to this review.


Placed on February 25, 2022 by RH

Hi, I am a certified gunsmith and I am currently starting a business building 1911 pistols. I just wanted to say that your products are EXTREMELY high quality and I absolutely love your company! You do not overcharge for your products and you smoke the competition by a long shot. I am absolutely hooked on your products now and I will definitely be a life long customer. Thank you for going above and beyond with your products. You guys rock!! Sincerely, RH


Placed on March 17, 2022 by Jim S.

Please pass on to everybody at  CustomHawk, including Mr. Mark Stone how impressed Fran and I are with everybody there and how much we both appreciate the great way we have been received and treated each time we were in Berryville at CustomHawk. Everybody there is 1st class and the “BEST”. Ya’ll also build the very best guns!! When I picked up Fran’s pistol from my FFL in Alabama he told me he had never seen anybody, or any company send a personal note like you sent with Fran’s pistol with anything he had ever received for anybody. He couldn’t believe it!! I told him that was just the great kind of people all ya’ll are. He was also impressed with the pistol. He said it looked and felt like the best he had seen, and he gets a lot of different guns for people. I agree with him on all counts!!


Placed on March 18, 2022 by Frank W.

Joe, just got back from the range. Fabulous gun. The weight makes all the difference. Shoots dead on from 2 yards to 12 yards. After that the gun might shoot but I can’t. Shot 250 rounds today, 200 rounds of target ammo and 100 rounds of defense of ammo. All 9 mm no plus P. Absolutely a fabulous weapon I can’t get over the difference of the weight it is unbelievable. Thank you so much for taking care of me I really appreciate it. Ciao, Frank W.

Placed on April 2, 2019 by Jake P.

Good afternoon, I am reaching out to anyone and everyone within NHC for the sole purpose of thanking you for the level of craftsmanship and customer service that you provide. Ironically enough, I personally have never had any interaction with your staff. However, I came to recognize and esteem your work after inheriting a number of your pistols from my Grandfather after his passing. Before his passing, he would take me to the range not only for his own practice, but as a means of sharing a common bond and passion for quality firearms. Although he owned what many would describe as an arsenal, I had never seen him cherish anything quite so much as his three CustomHawk 1911’s. His anticipation after ordering his last pistol from your shop was something I couldn’t understand… until I too used them. I find myself reaching for the Costa 9mm or the Bob Marvel .45 before anything else I have owned. He saved every email thread shared between your shop and himself, which highlighted his meticulous nature and your attention to detail. At this point, I don’t believe that I will ever want to own a 1911 built by anyone other than CustomHawk. I owe that fact largely to my Grandfathers insistence on sharing his passion – but also to your insistence on sharing your passion. I treat them as half firearm, half work of art. It is evident that your staff consists of nothing but the finest, from top to bottom. I sincerely hope that this email reaches as many of your employees as possible. All too often, the appreciation falls on deaf ears. Once again, thank you for providing a product so incredible that a passion, legacy, and skill was able to be passed from one generation to another. In the process, you have also gained a lifelong supporter of your business, your values, and your commitment to excellence. Warmest regards, Jake P.

Frank W.

Placed on May 8, 2022 by J. Stanke

Hi Mark, It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family this past week. Danielle and I had so much fun and felt right at home the entire time. CH is so much more than just a quality firearm manufacturer, for the “most” part with enough money and devotion anyone can make a quality product BUT you can’t manufacture integrity and character. This is something you and your family exudes and means more to me than some piece of metal (no offense).

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